Thursday, June 5, 2008

Getting Closer!

Countdown Clocks at

Getting Creative!

Once a month my mom, sisters and I get together for a card class. Every month there is a different theme. This month we did Fathers Day and Birthday stuff. Last month is was Mothers Day! We have a great time together catching up with each other and just being girls!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Go Rockies!!

They won 2-1!!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

We Love our Cousins!

Addison, Lucy, Kyle, Chloe and Parker
Carson, Parker, Chloe, Kenzi, Kayson and Kyle

Chloe and Marin having a heart 2 heart conversation

Chloe and Addy!

Say Cheese........Cheese!!!

Parkers cheesy smile!

All I want 4 Christmas is my 2 front teeth!

Want a Q-T!!!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Day by Day schedule while on our trip!!

*June 9- Holly and kids fly to Ohio
Hopefully everyone on the plane is OK with a crabby baby. Thats just how it has been with her lately
*June 10-Longaberger Baskets
we all know how Holly loves baskets so hopefully she doesn't fall in love with too many of them, lol!
*June11- Amish Country
This is one of my all time favorite things to do in Ohio. If you have been in my house you have seen all of my amish pictures. Im fasinated by them!! They are Great people. I just don't know how they do it:)
*June 12- Gabe flys in finally!!
*June 13- Cleveland here we come!!
We are going to spend the whole day in Cleveland. Visit a market with great produce and pastrys. At the end of the day we are going to visit progressive field where the Cleveland Indains play, Gabes favorite part of the trip!
*June 14- Happy Birthday to US!!
We are having a BIG birthday party for all of us who are lucky enough to have Birthdays in June (Gabe, Jason, Misty and Me (Holly)!)
*June 15- Happy Fathers Day!
This will be the first time ever that my Dad will have all his kids and grandkids with him on Fathers day. We are going to take a picnic lunch to a swimming pond and hang out with all the family. Chloe will enjoy her first time swimming!!
*June 16- Ceder Point!
All the guys will spend the day riding rollercoasters while all of the girls and kids hang out. We might go to the Columbus Zoo!
*June 17- Happy Birthday Gabe and Jason!!
SMILE......First thing is first. We are going to have our FIRST EVER family picture taken! Jason and Staci are leaving afterwards to make their journey back to South Carolina. We Love You guys!
*June 18- Till next time:(
We will start off the day having breakfast with the Lances. They are a family that live only a few blocks from us that we met from Kyle. Their son is his best friend and we are vacationing in the same place, crazy huh??? After we will just hang out with the family until we have to leave for the airport in Columbus:(