Sunday, July 20, 2008

**CrAzY hAiR**

So this summer we are trying to grow Kyles hair out just to see what happens. We figure he doesn't have school pic anytime soon. So Amber decided to give them a crazy makover. They thought it was so funny and can't stop talking about it:) Thanks Amber

Sanders Family trip to YELLOWSTONE!

Once you have seen one hot pot you have seen them all!
The boys had there Grandpa though so they were fine looking at them!

We took the hike of my life! Maybe it will motivate me to loose some of this baby weight!

Parker and Kyle can find fun in anything though!

The best part of the trip other then time with the family was all of the animal we saw. Tons of Bison and Elk and even 2 Bears!

The waterfall were beautiful!

Thank You Sanders Family for a Wonderful time!!

Guitar Hero!

Gabe rocking out!! While I got boo-d off the stage:(
We had lots of fun though!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Leaving in the morning:)

I haven't quiet gotten all the packing done and it is 11 pm but we are leaving in the morning for the Sanders family trip to Yellowstone. Gabe will have a rough day, poor guy! He gets off at 7am and gets to ride for 6 hrs in the car:( He is such a good guy! All that he puts up with to be a great daddy and fantastic husband, thanks honey!! I'll post pics when we return. Wish us luck with a baby that hates the car and two boys that seem to be fighting more often then normal!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Dads Chocolate Chip Cookies!!

Dad I wish you could send me some of your special Chocolate Chip Cookies=)

Monday, July 7, 2008

Bring on the Green Beans....Yummy!!

We have started Chloe on baby food. This time I am making all of her food. I got a great baby maker machine that I love, Thank you Sanders! So far so good!! She loves green beans. We have also tried Bananas and Sweet Potatoes

Family trip to Ohio!

June 9th- Flying to Ohio!!
The kids and Holly left a few days before Gabe. We had a straight flight there and believe it or not with 3 kids it wasn't so bad flying alone!

June 10th- We were suppose to go explore Longaberger Ohio but Misty got very sick with a bad Migrain. We ended up staying home most of the day visiting with each other and looking for Amber and Darins car keys. Yes the keys were missing for hours. We literly looked everywhere...even the garbage cans!! The Amish rode by in their buggys starring. Darin found them the next morning in a pair of pants

June 11th- Welcome to Berlin Ohio! Yes home of the Amish! I would have to say this is one of my favorite place in this country. It just so beautiful and pure feeling! There is Amish and Mennonites all over. There is a wonderful cheese factory there as well. They have every kind of cheese you can possibly think of.....even chocolate!! They also have a great candy store there with yummy gummy frogs. I bought like 6 bags of them and wish I had more!!

June 12th- Longanberger Ohio! Home of the most wonderful basket made:) We spent the day watching them make baskets, ate a picnic lunch in the park and watching Kyle push back and forth on his loose tooth. He ended up not paying attention to where he was walking and walked right into a table of breakables and broke one. I was so mad at him!! Grandpa ended up taking him to the bathroom and pulled out his tooth. Even know he is missing two front teeth now I was so glad to see him just pay attention to where he was walking now!

We stopped at a Icecream Mill on the way back and had the most wonderful Icecream around!!

June 13th- Cleavland Market

Lake Erie

Go Indians!

We ended up sitting through a 3 hr rain delay. Chloe didn't even get a drop of rain on her. Gabe had her wrapped up!! It was so stressful just sitting there like wet dogs for hrs but we did it. By the time the game started back Gabe, Kyle, Parker, Kody and Darin had 2nd row seats!

June 14th- Long time no see!! Gabe and Scott were in bootcamp together back in Dec 2000-Jan 2001 and 7 1/2 yrs later we all meet up again. Our familys have all grown so much. I was pregnant with Kyle then and they only had there oldest Colynn and she was just in a infant carseat. Now we all have three each...WOW.... how time changes things!! Im so glad that we have managed to stay in contact with them over the years. Gabe and Scott helped each other so much during bootcamp. Im so glad that Gabe had someone like that at such a lonely stressful time!

Later on that day we had a BIG BBQ and a great water balloon volleyball game. We had such a great time! On June 16th we just hung around the house and played outdoor games as well!

June 16th- Columbus Zoo!! It was such a awesome experience going to a different zoo other then the one we have here in Utah. The kids had such a wonderful time with their Aunt Katie. Gabe went with all the guys that day to Ceder Point!! I wish I could of gone but with a nursing baby not such a good idea!

June 17th- Happy Birthday Gabe and Jason! Earlier that day we all went and had family picture done. With 17 of us it wasn't as crazy as you would think!! Later that night we went to Dave & Busters to celebrate Gabes Birthday! Happy Birthday Honey!! I Love You

June 18th- Going Home:( A bitter sweet time. We only get to see my Dad, Misty, Katie and Kody once a yr so it is always hard to leave but it also hard being away from home for that long!